YouTube Videos and Google Search connects you to the people who matter most to your business, whether their local or around the world. Turn viewers into customers, on any budget. Both ad platforms use Google data to match your message to the right people at the right moment.

Your Success Is Our Mission

Providing creative marketing solutions, expertise, and business integrations all under one platform; Business Boosters builds custom solutions for growing your business.

Google Ads are one of the most efficient (and fastest) ways to generate quality leads if one follows the right steps and technicalities. Unlike all other ways of generating leads (cold calls, mass emailers, etc.), when you run Google ads, you get only high-quality leads that have a much higher chance of conversions. Such leads from those customers who are on the internet searching for very specific services or products.

If Content is the King, Videos are the King Makers of today’s marketing world! Be it a simple promotional video or an explainer video; there is unmatched power in video-based marketing. People enjoy watching motion pictures more than static content (no matter how crisp and concise you make it). After Google, YouTube is the second-largest Search Engine today, well, it’s owned by Google.


  • We build our Google and YouTube ad campaigns from the grounds up for YOUR UNIQUE NEEDS
  • We’ll target your perfect customers by topics, keywords, and demographics.
  • Ads that play on or run next to YouTube videos can help you connect with potential customers in a unique and memorable way. (You can be personal, share your expertise with the world, or put the camera on yourself and explain
    how your product or service can benefit your audience.)
  • We work with all BUDGETS AND GOALS
  • We don’t stop optimizing even on weekends to achieve the BEST ROI
  • Our team is Google Ads certified so, we ensure we follow best practices and are up to date with new Google policy and algorithm updates.


      • Free account audit (If you already have one)
      • Making recommendations for better optimization and quality score
      • Setting up and optimizing your Google Ads account (If you don’t have one)
      • Implementing the tracking codes and pixels through GTM tags for effective analytics and retargeting
      • Keyword research and negative keywords
      • Build your campaigns, ad groups and extensions.
      • Set up your targeted audience through demographics and location
      • Set up and manage the bidding strategy
      • Manage and optimize your campaigns on a daily basis.
      • Monthly reporting combined with data from your google analytics for full transparency.


  • Free consultation to finetune your video marketing needs
  • Striking videos that give voice to your brand for maximum reach
  • Setting up and optimizing your YouTube Channel
  • Uploading videos with proper tracking codes to give in-depth data
  • Running video ads to give your short and long-term marketing campaigns a push
  • Implementing the latest tracking like GTM tags for effective analytics
What returns can I expect from Google or YouTube Ads?

The expected cost and return a business sees from Google or YouTube Ads varies based on industry, geographical region – and really is unique for every business. It’s a hard projection to make and depends greatly upon what your goal is for the advertising campaign. In regards to “Cost Per Click” costs, the best route is to run your ads for a couple of months, and learn from the results. We find locally targeted, specific product/service categories (such as ‘martial arts studio’) see a low CPC average around $1, whereas highly-competitive industries (such as ‘Financial Advisor’) see a higher average CPC, up to $6

Looking for more information, click here to view our Google/YouTube Advertising PDF.