How To Rank High On Google Search Results In 2022

Feb 28, 2022

Companies worldwide work hard to get the highest number of clicks from their target audience. However, businesses cannot accomplish this goal unless their websites are highly visible. High search rankings are vital to maintaining brand visibility. So, here are a few tips you can follow to increase your Google rankings:

Develop a Good SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the buzzword leading the digital marketing world. It is a powerful tool to drive SERP rankings based on the keywords your audience use to search for products, services, or information. Here are some vital points to consider when developing your SEO strategy.

  • Research the list of keywords relating to your business to understand your audience, their interests, and the solutions they are looking for.  
  • Create optimized content to cover the exact keywords a few times per page and use keywords in the title tags, headlines, subheadings, and introduction. 
  • Use keywords naturally and avoid stuffing them on your webpage. 
  • Keep track of your target audience’s frequently-searched topics to know their search intent and match your content to it. 
  • Add LSI keywords to your content and all the related words and phrases to the main keywords.
  • Keep a check on technical SEO components for easy indexing by search engines (mobile optimization, average loading time, security, and user experience or UX-driven).

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

After people click on your site, they should feel motivated to stay and explore your page for some time. They may close it and bounce back to search for other sites providing the same content as yours if your content is not interesting. To avoid this:

  • Provide valuable, informative, and relevant content to the target audience for enhanced engagement and experience.
  • Design the site structure locally. Put the core message or service at the topmost ‘above the fold’ area of your site. 
  • Make a Table of Contents of the main topics and interlink them to subsequent sections and pages. 
  • Add loads of visual content in form of pictures, videos, graphs, charts, diagrams, screenshots, infographics, flowcharts, tables, and more. 

Increase Backlinks

When a third-party website provides the link or URL of your site on their webpage the process is called backlinking.

  • Publish high-quality content that covers the keyword topics extensively.
  • Become a data source to provide statistics, survey results, and other relevant information that people can use on their blogs. 
  • Create long-form content with relevant information on the topic.
  • Trace dead links (links that give an error message when someone tries to open them) on sites publishing similar content. After this, approach the owner or author of the host site and offer to replace the dead links with the link of your site. 
  • Strive to get your webpage link on the resource pages of relevant sites.

Increase Your Click-Through-Rates

CTR is an essential consideration when it comes to Google’s ranking algorithm.

  • Create stimulating and attention-grabbing title tags using adjectives.
  • Choose a simple and easy-to-understand URL for the meta title and include primary keywords, if possible.
  • Write captivating meta descriptions to give an overview of your content with snippets of ratings and reviews by visitors.

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