The story of Kirsten, a slave who was mistreated and degraded by her cruel master, is one that is sure to stay with you long after you finish reading it. Kirsten was a young girl who was taken from her home in Eastern Europe and brought to America, where she was sold into slavery. Her new master, a man named John, treated her like a servant and used her for his own pleasure. Kirsten was constantly beaten and degraded, and she was never allowed to leave the house. One day, John caught Kirsten having sex with another slave, and he immediately cast her out into the streets to fend for herself. Kirsten was penniless and alone, and she was soon raped and beaten by the men in the city. But despite her bleak circumstances, Kirsten never lost hope. She knew that she had the strength to fight against the abuse she was receiving, and she refused to give up on her dreams. After years of struggle, Kirsten finally managed to get her freedom and she now lives a happy life free from her past slavery.