September 26, 2022

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Earn up to $16,000 per business you help join this new (and free) Federal Government COVID stimulus funding program, paying businesses up to $26,000 per employee they had during 2020-2021. It’s no-strings-attached money for the business owner. (They’ll be happy and so will you! )

Being connected with Business Boosters can provide you with a proven system and mentorship to become financially strong and secure! For complete details of the SNAP FINANCIAL opportunity, click on the document link below…

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As a business consultant with Business Boosters, you’ll be setup with your own email marketing system and business leads so you can work this “virtually.” And if you’d like to promote this to businesses face-to-face, we’ll have materials to help you there as well.

Business Boosters has a basket of services to help local businesses succeed, Snap Financial is just one. And helping them helps you too!

Call or Email to learn more or simply get started. Our LAUNCH DATE for training is October 3.

~ Steve Leedom
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