We live our lives online. It’s where we read the news, order groceries, and connect with people. But 20% of the population has disabilities that exclude them from using it. In order to make your website accessible, it’s important to think about all four types of disabilities: visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is one of the most complicated pieces of legislation for small business owners, and over the past five years it has come to include websites — the “online property” where they conduct business. So the question becomes, “Is your business website ADA compliant?”

Becoming ADA Compliant for your online “website” property is not just a smart way to avoid accessibility lawsuits and negative publicity, it opens up your business to all users by providing accessible solutions. It’s also simply the right thing to do.

ADA Guardian is transforming the way we create web accessibility by replacing the costly, manual process with an automated, state-of-the-art AI technology that uses contextual understanding and image recognition to scan and analyze the functionality of every element on your website and then adjusts those elements for screen reader accessibility.

The #1 Automated  Web Accessibility Solution

  • Affordable $94/month, free 5-day trial, no credit card required 
  • Easily installed in 2 minutes  on any CMS or web hosting platform As simple as installing Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel — or we can install it for you!
  • Colors Customized The accessibility interface will be branded with your website colors, making it look like a natural part of your site.
  • Your Website’s Security and Users’ Privacy are Top Priority – CCPA & GDPR standards implemented as well as high security protocols. 

The Complete ADA & WCAG Compliance Package

  • WCAG & ADA ComplianceOngoing compliance with all web accessibility legislation.
  • Certification & Statement With one click your accessibility statement and certification of performance is provided to any website visitor.
  • Daily Compliance Monitoring 24-hour automatic maintenance scans keeps your site compliant even as you add new and updated content.
  • Monthly Compliance Auditing Professional compliance audit every month to your inbox.

Automatic Accessibility

  • Screen Reader Adjustments Uses contextual understanding and image recognition to scan and analyze the functionality of every element on your website and adjusts it for screen reader accessibility.
  • Keyboard Navigation Adjustments – Our AI engine matches the behavior, style, and structure of your website’s elements to millions of past experiences, to learn their functionality and provide keyboard navigation and operation functionality to each of them.
  • Personal User Interface & Design – Provides an accessible experience that is tailored to the individual need of every user, regardless of their disability, while supporting a range of UI and design adjustments from content and colors to display and orientation.


Accessibility issues are categorized in four distinct groups under WCAG guidelines, all of which are handled by our ADA Guardian service. 

  • Perceivable issues are those that affect a user’s ability to find and process information on a website (for example, providing audio descriptions for video content). 
  • Operable issues are those that impact a visitor’s ability to navigate and use a website (for example, ensuring that all site functions and navigation can be operated via keyboard-only commands). 
  • Understandable issues concern a user’s ability to discern and comprehend all information and navigation on a website (for example, composing error messages that include a clear explanation of the error and direction for correcting it). 
  • Robust issues involve a website’s ability to adapt and evolve to meet the changing needs of users with disabilities (for instance, testing compatibility with all leading screen readers and ensuring that those capabilities can be upgraded in the future).

Why is web  accessibility  so important?

Web accessibility is about more than just avoiding the threat of ADA lawsuits. In this day and age, no one should be precluded from benefiting from the availability of goods and services. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates nearly 1-in-5 Americans have a disability. That’s more than 60 million people. The potential positive financial impact of making a company’s website more accessible to this huge swath of the population is game-changing for any business. Finally you could just say, “It’s the right thing to do!”

Looking for more information, click here to view our ADA Online Compliance PDF.