When looking to reach a global online audience, you need exposure and credibility through strategic online contributor placements.These placements on national media outlets expand your platform and attract TV and other opportunities to grow your business. With our Public Relations Agency Services, we ensure that every interaction a customer has with your brand is maximizing your impact and profitability.

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Providing creative marketing solutions, expertise, and business integrations all under one platform; Business Boosters builds custom solutions for growing your business.

Great PR is about movement – building a strong brand identity, a superior brand experience, and lasting brand loyalty. Great PR is about “how” you are positioned in the media rather than “where” you are positioned in the media. How you define your brand ultimately defines your credibility.

​Since 1999, our PR team has worked with more than 1000 authors and experts, professional speakers, life coaches, b2b companies and direct-to-market products.



Branding is historically about creating a graphical and conceptual representation of a body of work, a product or a service. It involves creating a culture, powerful messaging and a system of media outlets to create recognition and repetition. This helps audiences identify a brand quickly and connect to it in a way that leads to loyalty and conversion.


There’s a lot to do to prepare your branding for media exposure. Tagline creation, website adjustment, article presentation, and preparing a highly strategically targeted and linked online media campaign are all elements of the foundation of effective PR. Consulting with our experienced publicists can provide the strategy, guidance, direction, insight and connections that will greatly increase your results, both in terms of ROI and increased credibility.


Once you have a solid foundation for your messaging, branding and revenue models, targeted and strategic publicity is the priority. Credible, consistent and ongoing publicity will create the buzz you need to be the go-to expert choice. Quotes, interviews and resource contributors all create the exposure that gets your name out there

Why should I use PR instead of advertising?

Studies show people are far more likely to believe a news story than an advertisement, and people have trained themselves to pretty much ignore advertising (that is unless they’re actively searching for a product or service). For less cost than advertising, PR – when done correctly – creates a more credible and potentially more impactful message. PR also has “baked-in” word-of-mouth and retweetable factoid nuggets that can propagate your brand name and website information multiple times over its original published destinations and thereby clobbering your own advertising’s ROI. It’s for this reason that small businesses should think about mirroring the strategies of big business and add a PR element into their overall marketing and advertising plan.

Full packages including media placement, full branding and consulting start at $4800.

We offer pay-for-placement for select media outlets, as well as consulting and limited placement options. Start-up packages for limited media placement and/or consulting begin at $550.

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